Tap to Follow Sign

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Laser cut acrylic sign with Tap to Follow technology. Two holes are deeply engraved on the back to accommodate the Tap to Follow chip. Includes one chip with your customized link. Additional chips are $8. Please leave your link in the Personalized Text box below. 

Tap or place your phone on the engraved rectangle and the link will open!


  • Requires NFC/contactless payment to already be enabled on the customer's phone.
  • Works with iPhone and Android phones (no older than 3 years).
  • iPhone sensors are near the top of the phone and Android sensors are closer to the middle, hence why I designed this to accommodate 2 chips. Either location will work, you'll just need to advise your customers to slide their phones up or down depending on where you decide to put the chip.
  • Chips will come loose in the envelope, buyers can decide which engraving to use. 
  • The signs will come with a layer of masking on the front to protect it from scratches. The back will be kinda dirty.