About Us

Profound Sass is, you guessed it, all about that SASS.

Arising from the ashes of societal expectation, Profound Sass came to be during a time of transition from what-they-want-of-you to what-I-want-for-ME. I like to think that Profound Sass is my inner bitch for your outer bitch. Balls out be yourself, empower yourself, be unapologetically YOU.

And if the unapologetic you is really not that bitchy, that's fine! I've got non-bitchy stuff too ;)


Let me introduce myself~~

My name is Jenn Lin and I currently live on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC (technically Gastonia) by way of Melbourne/Orlando/Palm Beach Gardens/Wellington FL. I grew up as a classic INFJ, an introvert who found solace in books, family, and solitude. Moving hither and thither just reinforced that part of me - I didn't make deep connections with people and always felt a step behind and a step apart from my peers. To be quite frank, I still feel that way! But I do embrace the part of me that chooses to be a step apart rather than just feeling left out. 

I love words. Like, a lot. I have a bachelor's degree in English-Technical Writing and I find joy in editing and proofreading. I recently read an article about how (apparently) most people have a little voice in their head, an internal monologue if you will, that basically narrates their life and subvocalizes their thoughts in a sort of silent-brain-audio system. (this all sounds insane to me)

Yeah, so...I don't have that. Words appear full-formed in my brain and my thoughts are concepts/images, zero audio. But that makes stamping SO MUCH EASIER. I love playing with how words will fit together, both visually and auditorily. 

Sorry, this has gotten off-track! After moving to the Carolinas, I found myself with no hobbies. A recovered MMORPG-addict that devours books like candy needs something to occupy her time when the book-money runs dry. I tried hand lettering, which I was terrible at. But I liked words...so I tried making signs using my laser printer and a laminating machine - that was OK but like, really, how many signs can one really have in one's home? Too many, is the answer, WAY too many.

Then a friend and I decided to make tags for our dogs. We researched stamps and fonts and designs and it was a rabbit-hole I happily dove into. Some of you may have found me through my original business name, GeekyCutesy Handstamped & Bespoke Designs. I loved that name but...one, it was a mouthful, like so.damn.long (that's what she said). Two, after 3 years as a business, it didn't really encompass what I had evolved into - a ton of female empowerment and sass, heavily laden with profanity, with a touch of geek.

Honestly, Profane Sass was a frontrunner as my new name (as was fuckery&nonsense), but I think I landed right in the perfect spot with Profound Sass. I hope (if you've read this far) that you enjoy all my sass and odd wisdom, it's been a journey but we're all going on this adventure together :)